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Welcome to Numbers


Decimals and Percents

General Help

Ask Dr. Math! -  Ask the Doctor ANYTHING!
Math Worksheets – Like you won’t believe!.
BasketMath Interactive Learning – Online problems.
Basic Skills Topics – From basic to beginning algebra.
The Math Page  Skill in Arithmetic  Table of Contents – A complete course in math.
A+ Math Worksheets – Wide range of worksheets. – Colorful, full range
Figure This! Math Challenges for Families – Fun, interactive, algebra, measurement, more
Geometry - Math for Morons Like Us – Fun, lines, triangles, area.
Math for Morons Like Us – Simple to complex
Math Help – Whole numbers to algebra intro – Hot Subjects: fractions, decimals, integers, exponents, inequalities, percents, square roots (Formerly Dave's Math Tables) – Comprehensive, lots of higher level
Math Is Fun – Numbers to Geometry
Play Kids Games – Fun math games
Sheppard Software  - Math Games – Huge site with resources. – Easier math games
Math Playground – Variety of games


Math Games - Games
Brain Teasers and Puzzles – Brain Bashers
Create a Graph – Four different graphs - Change Maker – Make change Math Baseball  - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and elementary algebra.
KidsCom - Games – Tangrams, shape games
Math Activities Online for Kids – Many ages, levels
Math Word Problems for Children – Word problems, K-5
Word Problems For Kids – Word problems


Welcome to Numbers

Counting – From ones to by-tens.
Naming Numbers – Some good practice lessons.
Math is Fun – Numbers
Introduction to Numbers – Simple
Number Words - Simple
How to Write Numbers – Simple
Connect the Dots - Make a dog by counting by fives.
Connect the dots - Count by 2s and 5s
Counting by Twos - Pick the number that is missing
Counting by Twos - Connect the dots
Counting by Twos - Connect the dots
Counting by Twos - Click on the fish that has the next number.
Counting by Twos - Counting Up by Twos
Counting by Tens - Count up by 10s
Counting by Tens - What is the Next Number if Counting Up by Tens?



Getting Started – Video
Column Addition – Video
Number Families - Video
More Column Addition – Video
Adding Dollars and Cents - Video
All About Addition – Basics to fractions
How to Add – Simple
Online Math Quiz – Plug in numbers
Addition with Number Sentences – Simple
Addition Flashcards – Mid-level
Math Games for Kids – Addition – Easier
Learn to Count – With Fingers
Farm Addition Game – Counting
Addition Surprise - Move numbers to Correct spot.
Arrithmattack! - Add as fast as you can.
Add two one-digit numbers – Match numbers
Base 10 – Addition game

Flash Cards – Addition
Hidden Picture – Add to find hidden picture
How many 10s can you make? – Count by 10s
Line Jumper - Number lines
Matching Pictures to Number Sentences – Addition and subtraction with pictures
Picture Problems - Match picture to number
Timed Addition Facts - CyberChallenge addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
Who wants to be a Mathionaire - Game show addition



How Subtraction Works - Simple
Number Families - Video
Column Subtraction – Video
Column Subtraction with Regrouping – Video
Working with Three-Digit Numbers – Video
Working with Large Numbers and More Regrouping - Video
Subtraction – Big site
Beginning Subtraction using Objects - Type in correct number
Bowling Subtraction - Bowl down pins by answering subtraction problems
Flash Cards – Subtraction
Simple Subtraction - Games at three levels; numbers up to 20
Test the Frog - Addition and subtraction facts
Take it Away - Practice subtraction facts
Two Minute Warning – Addition and subtraction practice



Multiplication and Number Families - Video
Multiplying Numbers in a Column - Video
Multiplying by a Single-Digit Number - Video
Multiply by a Two-Digit Number - Video
Multiplication – Big Site
Introduction to Multiplication – Simple
Basic Multiplication – Simple
2 & 3 Digit Multiplication – Simple – Four pages of games
Multiplication Facts Practice – Many games



Place Value and Division Number Families – Video
Short Division - Video
Solving Short Division Problems - Video
Long Division with Remainders - Video
Division – Big site
Basic Division Drills – Simple
Basic Terms in Division – Introductory
Division Facts – Simple – Easier games – Long division
Math for Morons Like Us – Pre Algebra – Basic to fractions




Math is Fun – Algebra
Math for Morons Like Us – Algebra – Variables to square roots
Math for Morons Like Us – Algebra II  – Equations, graphs, polynomials, to Trigonometry
Algebra Homework Help at Algebra.Com!  - Homework help center.
Algebra Math Tutorials Interactive Animation-MathDork Home - Tutorials, quizzes, and games
Algebra Review in Ten Lessons - Algebra in 10 lessons
AlgebraHelp -  Calculators, lessons, and resources
Dave's Math Tables – Big site
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles, Arithmetic and Algebra – Huge site
Introduction to Algebra  - Illustrations and explanations
Math Forum: Ask Dr. Math -  - Middle School Level
MathPage Free Algebra Help Tutoring - Easy to use, interactive
Purplemath - - Basic algebra resource
The Math Forum – Large selection



Fractions – Big site
Hot Subjects – Fractions
Math is Fun – Fractions
Fraction Review – Visual
Fractions Model I - Adjustable numerators and denominators
Fractions II
Name the Fraction - Count the parts and name the fraction.
Crossing the River - identify the fraction and help the man get across the river.


Decimal and Percent

Percent – Big site
Math is Fun – Percentages
Basic Percentages – Intro
Basic Percentage with Word Problems – In depth
Percentage Calculator – Plug in
Math Goodies - Intro to Percent, Decimals, Fractions
Decimals – Big site
Hot Subjects – Decimals
Math is Fun – Decimals
eThemes – Basic to higher, with games
The Math Page – Lesson in percents



Math for Morons Like Us – Pre-Calculus and Calculus  – Pre-Calc, Calc I, Reference sheet of formulas
Calculus – Pre-Cal to Probability
Calculus Lessons – Medium level
Dave's Math Tables – Large site, links
Topics in Mathematics - Pre-Calculus – Big site
Calculus Resources On-Line – Lots of links
The Math Forum – Algebra, geometry, calculus
Visual Calculus – Lots of links



Math is Fun - Geometry
Gallery of interactive on-line geometry – Games that teach
Geometry – Big site
Cynthia Lanius' Lessons: Geometry Online – By a teacher
Geometry – Basics to advanced
Geometry in Action - References and techniques.
The Geometry Junkyard - Links
The Math Forum - Resources